i was not happy for a very long time.
i would watch life past by me in its flying colors and wonder when will it be my time?
i was staring down at an open book, waiting for the pages to flip for me.
my biggest discovery-you make your own happiness.
it comes in waves, gradually.
i’m driving in the city lights, swaying to the music, laughing at the top of my lungs. i am filled to the brim with love.
for life, for people, for me.
surrounded by the best people i know, the best songs, the best stars the galaxy can give me.
beautiful people everywhere i look. a toothy grin, a dimple, hazelnut hair, freckles, moonlight dancing in their bright eyes.
i never thought i would get to this place. never thought i would find my people.
no, i have not reached my full potential. i am learning everyday what it means to live life to the fullest. but i am working with what i have. loving every second God gives me on this finite earth.
a best friend. a rhythm flowing through me. a kiss.
so, perfection does exist. it is believing every second counts, every smile matters, everything you do and say has impact. that friendship is the greatest thing the world has to offer. love. be kind. it is the only thing to do.

my time is now. every breath i take makes me know this is true. it drives me, pushes me to try and make sense of this crazy world.

and it is your time too.


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