you breathed fire into me and then watched me disintegrate.
i am no more than the ashes of your making,
your doing.

i wished for the passion
and the heat.
yet now i feel the burns
carving scars into my skin.

you lit a spark in me,
illuminating even my darkest parts.
you were the wildfire and i, the trees,
hopeless to your will, your wrath.

don’t get too close to the flame
the warnings i missed,
the flashing lights i just wanted to dance to.

your flashes of rust and blue.
your colors i cannot forget,
burn the edges of my mind,
melting everything else away.

you were born to be destructive.
all infernos are.
i was naive for thinking i could stand in your path,
be resilient to that hell-fire heat.
i never thought you would burn through
the deepest parts of me.
seeping into my eyes, my skin, my bones,
my heart.

they say never underestimate a flame.
now i know its true.
every part of me is ruined,
rubble, rust, ash.
i have been reduced to the smallest part of myself,
no hope of reconstruction.

the sparkle in your eye was the first mistake,
that tiny lick of fire.
i should have run away.


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