a part of me longs to pry my past open,                                                                                   explore all the mistakes and secrets of long ago.

i’m a new me, and you’re a new you.

when we were younger, we dreamed of this. together. tangled up in hopes and dreams that seemed so incredibly out of reach.

but this is it. we are here. so much older than we even want to be, our desires for the future spread out before us like a never ending fantasy novel.

i want to hold onto everything all at once. i love these people. i love this life. yet, i know it is fleeting.

we continue to grow. we extend our arms wider and cheer louder and love harder. smile wider. our hearts and minds seem to expand past capacity.

who would have thought we were capable of this? we always yearned for this to end, yet here we are, hiding from a new beginning in the comfort of what we have constantly wished away.

we are triumphant children on the brink of adulthood. we see the sun on the horizon and know new things are upon us. we step back and begin a journey backwards to learn to appreciate things we formerly took for granted.

our old lives are on the brink of extinction. we are searching for safety and comfort in all of our surroundings. we are drinking up the last bits of hope before that life is over-forever.

when that sun finally closes in upon us, we will be ready. we will be ready because our former selves have taught us to love and appreciate each other as if life is going to forever change tomorrow.

so, yes. you can live in the past-not forever, not for always. the past helps us reach our full potential in order to travel to the next destination in life. it is a tool used to better ourselves for a new age. use it wisely. never forget the past isn’t supposed to last forever-only to transform us into the best human beings we can be.




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