After my trip at Edisto Island had come to a close post-Memorial Day weekend, I recalled the time I had spent with my friends.  My senior year at Aquinas is coming up fast and I was startled to realize how much time I was losing-with them and with everyone else. Most of the kids I hung out with have graduated, and although we aren’t all close, it would be one of the last carefree moments I would have with each of them. By this time next year, we will both have so much more on our plates. Once I start senior year, they will have gone off to college to start a new chapter in their lives. I realized I would be parting ways with my closer girl friends as well. This hit me hard and I struggled to comprehend the inevitable-change.

When you’re in high school, it seems as if the only objective is to simply get out. What I don’t think most of us understand is that it is the last four final years of being a kid. We are all rushing to live on our own and become independent. Once college starts, it is finally time to start growing up and becoming an adult. I personally am terrified of change. I hate thinking about what is to come because I am a notorious over thinker. All it does is stress me out. What I fail to understand is that change is necessary to grow as a human. Without change, everyone would live in a static state, where there is no room to grow and learn. Although I still have time to be a kid, I struggle to grasp how much time has flown by and before I know it, I’ll be in college. I will be an adult. All I ask is that God guide me and my friends through our senior and freshman years in college. I ask Him that He help me understand and accept change for what it is. I will cherish the remaining time I have left with my people and let no moment go to waste any longer. We all need to appreciate life and the people around us a little bit more each day (:



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